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Who We Are

The 20th and 21st centuries’ nutritional, healthcare, and political landscapes have laid the foundation for chronic conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, to thrive. These diseases claim millions of lives daily.

Despite medical and pharmaceutical advancements and new and emerging technologies, maladies and chronic disease continue to rise.

So, what is the solution? As modern medicine has ineffectually ameliorated chronic illness, which is largely preventable via lifestyle, a new approach is warranted to solve the burgeoning health crisis. That approach is natural medicine, which addresses the root cause of disease to vanquish it.

The Health Examiner is committed to equipping our readers with the latest research, news, and insights from the nation’s chief naturopathic and functional medicine practitioners and physicians, from the leading nutritionists, scientists, and academics, and from THE’s zealous scientific research team to arm our readers with the know-how to thwart sickness and disease naturally and live vibrant lives every day.


By providing research-backed health and wellness information solidly grounded in natural medicine, The Health Examiner endeavors to inspire us all to embrace nature, balance, and clean and simple-living wherein there largely lies the answers to our chronically diseased state.
The Health Examiner aims to act as a trusted health partner providing evidence-based lifestyle practices and interventions that address the root-cause of disease and endow us with the capacity to stave off sickness and reverse ill health.